Thursday, March 17, 2011

Everyday is a beautiful day

My typical day...
Walk the dog. Starbucks. Dance. Eat lunch. Run errands (bank/meetings/payroll.) Afternoon reading or shopping. Play with kid. Happy hour drinks. Eat dinner. Take bath. Pamper myself before bedtime...

I am spending a beautiful afternoon by the pond with darling Paris.(sunbathing, reading, and relaxing.)
Wearing Prada sweater dress, Alexander McQueen jacket, Marni belt, Chanel boots, Olivier People Sunglasses.


  1. You are living well. I wish i can do the same, but I have 9-5 job so I can do what I want only after work, and most days I spend at least an hour after work at the gym

  2. That sure sounds like a beautiful day! My beautiful day involves sitting in an office for 10 hours wearing cardigans and sheath dresses lol.

    Love the new banner!