Sunday, August 21, 2011

A relaxing day by the pool

Wearing Gianfranco Ferre swimsuit, Giorgio Armani hat


  1. (Triple) WOow Dear MandyMinh you truly are Astonishing in these pictures !!! You give us envy to enjoy a cup of nectar in your as (delicious as delicate) company, flirting with you in French or Italian as the sun plays alongside your flawless Body I (shyly) must add . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. I must say, You are GORGEOUS for a Vietnamese woman! I do not usually say that, especially when I'm also Vietnamese. I live in Atlanta for 4 years now and I'm always disappointed to see ugly guys and erhh looking girls, but you're fabulous! I loveeee all your outfits. Must be great to have a sister like you to get all your old clothes!

    T. Phan

  3. WOW! You look amazing! Hey did you want the Christian Louboutin simple 100's in nude?

    I am selling mine- brand new in size 35/5...let me know!

  4. amazing look! love love love the hat!

    xoxo, aimee
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