Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Flu season...go away

I've been sick in bed with a flu all week. Silly thing I did while sick in bed was de-friending people that "no longer matter."

I wanted to share with you guys a beauty post but that has to wait.

Hope everyone stays warm!!!

At work wearing D&G dress, CL boots.

Something PURPLE, YSL pumps


  1. I wish I dress up like that for work:) I work with mostly non fashionable men and women so I try to stay pretty casual and conversative most of the times. That dress is classic and timeless, and love the purple YSL. Saw a very nice pair of deep red/burgendy-ish on sale at the store in Vegas, but for some reason, they didn't look right on me.

  2. omg i love those pumps! i want one!