Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Purple Rain

Take an inside look at my sister's new Restaurant&Lounge. I am very proud of her!!!

(these were taking at the Friends&Family soft opening this weekend)

I wore Giambattista Valli dress... Rachel wore Balenciaga dress.

Our Grand Opening event is coming on December 2nd... Purple Rain Restaurant&Lounge


  1. wow, a very nice place. Congrats and good luck to both you and your sister on the new business venture. Beside you look great in the Giambattista Valli dress, love it.

  2. Congrats to your sister's new business! The place looks very upscale. You two look lovely.

  3. It looks so swanky! Both you and your sister look gorgeous here. Loving those bebe ankle chained heels...

  4. I might have to come to Purple Rain in order to get in a word with you! ;-)