Sunday, October 31, 2010


Jil Sander velvet dress, Bebe heels, and my dog Paris

PS: This is supposed to be my Halloween costume this year but I didn't make it out to any party. How was your Halloween?

Cat velvet costume made by Lam Moi, Christian Louboutin boots.


  1. Gorgeous photos of you and the dog. Also that's too bad the cat costume didn't make it out this year!

    Do you have a photographer or do you use a tripod for these lovely pics?

  2. I have a tripod and a camera but I gave up on taking pictures of myself. I have my brother in law come take pictures for me every week now. I am trying to commit to bloggin=)

  3. beautiful as always. I really love that dress. Are you sure you are not famous? You really look like someone famous! : )

  4. Mandy,

    Such a beautiful black Jil Sander dress, and love your costume. I need a hot costume like that for next Halloween:). Ready made Halloween costume looks cheap and ill fitting, so I never ended up buying any:).

  5. Your Jil Sander dress looks great on you!